Seeing As Art

How much is there each and every day that we don’t really see?

Truly seeing the world around us is an art. Seeing as an act of noticing, naming and appreciating. Seeing as an active participant in our lives in this place in this time. It helps to be mindful and present in the moments we are living right now. And now. And now. Sometimes it just takes realizing there is something there to see.


We decorated the covers of our Nature Notebooks. We will use these little notebooks throughout the year to collect our observations about science and the natural world. We’ll put what we see into words and drawings.

Knowing that we will eventually explore four ways that New Plants grow, we began with something small and familiar. We began with seeds. Seeds manage to be everywhere and all around us, yet still maintain a bit of mystery. After all, how is it possible that life can begin from such an unassuming source? So we set out on a seed hunt.


We walked.IMG_1488

We discovered.


We collected.IMG_1813

We saw.


We used tools scientists use.




We recorded our observations.



True art.


About classroominthewoods14

Time flies! I am just beginning my thirteenth year as an elementary classroom teacher. The connections I make with students, families, and colleagues is what makes my job so fantastic. In my free time, I spend as much time as I can out in the natural world.
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2 Responses to Seeing As Art

  1. connie says:

    Thought provoking for me as an adult. I imagine the children really became engaged.

  2. Paige says:

    True art is right!

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