Looking Ahead, Looking Back

I’m looking ahead, right on the precipice of the start of a new school year. The cycle begins again. Tomorrow. I still feel the summer behind me. Glorious free days full of family and friends. Walking. Berry picking. Splashing in water of any kind, from muddy puddles to the salty sea. Visiting farmers’ markets and playing on playgrounds. Sharing the world with my daughter. Trying to etch each minute into memory.

Still, I am looking ahead. Ahead to “Get to Know Each Other” and “Let’s Make the Most of This Year Together.”

The thing that’s always a little disconcerting about this time of year: I’m between classes. The students who walked out on the last day of school are still mine…but not really. Their lives, their needs, my year with them is still floating around in my mind. My starring role in their lives is over, but they haven’t started the next act yet. My new class will soon fill up my thoughts, and time has told me that this will happen soon and quickly, but not for a little bit still.

So I sit between an ending and a beginning. While I keep looking ahead, I also look back.

On walking in the woods.

Winter Walk

On growing things.

Sweet Potato

On observing.



On being together.


Here’s to finding the greatness ahead, and remembering the greatness behind! Happy New Year!


About classroominthewoods14

Time flies! I am just beginning my thirteenth year as an elementary classroom teacher. The connections I make with students, families, and colleagues is what makes my job so fantastic. In my free time, I spend as much time as I can out in the natural world.
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